Our Mission

American Center for Neuropsychiatry exists to meet the behavioral and mental health needs for those who seek professional help to relieve their suffering , enhance their recovery and promote their emotional well-being.

Our Vision

star-icon To deliver the highest quality behavioral health,psychiatric and neuropsychiatric services.

star-icon To be the most responsive, compassionate and professional in all of our services.

star-icon To be a leader in providing behavioral health, psychiatric and neuropsychiatric services.

star-icon To deliver care with utmost confidentiality.

star-icon To be the best provider of mental health services in India.

Our Practice Philosophy

Mental illness is the number one cause of disability worldwide. The consequences of untreated mental illness can be devastating. The American Center for Neuropsychiatry utilizes a thoughtful approach to treatment that integrates best evidence based research, clinical experience and the patient’s value system. Our approach contributes to a satisfying and successful treatment experience. We believe in an appropriate balance of structure, autonomy and empathetic treatment in an environment emphasizing healing first and a progression towards real and sustained recovery.

Our belief is to foster a spirit of collaboration between the patient’s other doctors and therapists. We strongly believe that a thorough psychiatric diagnostic evaluation is crucial for developing a successful treatment plan. By determining the correct diagnosis early on , an appropriate treatment can be initiated , hence starting the patient on the road to recovery.

We,at the American Center for Neuropsychiatry also believe that the brain is the organ of the mind and mental illness is nothing but a product of brain dysfunction and disease .

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