Conditions Treated

Psychotic Disorders

Life Style Management

People with psychiatric illness may be particularly vulnerable to impaired physical health and poor lifestyle choices. Making sure that one eats the right diet and gets plenty of exercise can be difficult at the best of times. People with psychiatric illness may experience loss of energy and motivation which could cause weight gain. Weight gain may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.

Depression, anxiety and stress have both direct and indirect effects on the heart. Emotional stress directly contributes to heart disease by increasing the risk of cardiac events.

Lifestyle management involves knowledge of nutrition, physical activity and general health promotion. The goal is to impart skills regarding healthy eating, weight management and physical exercise and to provide support for sustaining lifestyle behavioral changes. The promotion of healthy lifestyle among persons with psychiatric illness is an integral part of their recovery and needs to happen under supervision of an experienced psychiatrist and general physician.

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If you have difficulty with lifestyle management please contact out expert Dr. Kranthi Kiran M.D. for guidance.

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