12 Affordable ways to de-stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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1) “Self- Massage”

A quick self-massage can take your stress down. It may also give your immune system a boost.

Stand against a wall and place a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Gently bend your knees to give yourself a back rub.

For a neck massage, clasp your hands behind your head and make small deep circles with your thumbs.

To release tension in your face gently rub your forehead and jaw with your fingers.

2) Go for “Flower Power”

Fresh-cut flowers, whether from your garden or a store can instantly put you at ease. This may be because of their beauty or because flowers often share a strong link with happy events.

Choose flowers that are a color and scent you enjoy and place them somewhere in your home where you will see them often.

3)  Get your hands dirty with “Houseplants”

If you feel stressed out, it might be time to invest in houseplants. When you plant and take care of houseplants you will probably feel more relaxed than if you spent the same time on your computer or phone. Houseplants offer a calming effect that even has the power to soothe your nervous system and help lower your blood pressure.

4) Take a “Time-out” from technology

Smartphones, laptops and tablets make it hard to ever get a break.

If you find yourself online a lot, you may start to feel stressed out, like you do not have enough time to relax and recharge yourself. “Unplug” your gadgets, even for a short while. Put all screens away at least for one hour a day and spend it on relaxation techniques like meditation.

5) “Teavana

Sip a cup of black tea or green tea to relax. It sounds too simple to be true, but studies show that doing so can help reduce stress and improve your outlook towards life. The smell, taste and warmth of tea seem to have a positive effect on your brain.

Some herbal teas like chamomile can also help reduce your anxiety.

6) Give yourself the pleasure of a “Warm bath”

The warmth of water gently widens your blood vessels and improves blood flow through your body which helps you relax.

One study found that people who bath on a regular basis feel less stressed and even smile more.

7) Learn to say “No, Thanks” and focus on what matters most to you.

If you feel pushed and pulled many different ways, make a list of the things you care about the most. Then simply say “No thanks “to events and activities you don’t have time for or interest in.

 Get the extra time and space for you to relax and unwind.

8) “Get outside” but maintain a safe distance from others

Spend as little as 20 to 30 minutes in nature. (May be your backyard or terrace)

It can help distract you from negative thoughts. Sit down or stroll in any outdoor setting you enjoy.

If you cannot do it right now, look at nature photos.

9) De-stress with “Music.”

Relaxing music has a positive effect on your nervous system. It slows down your heart rate and breathing, lowers your blood pressure and signals your muscles to soften. Go for classical, jazz or folk songs they have a rhythm between 60 to 80 beats per minute that helps your body and mind calm down.

10) Soothe yourself with “Scent”

Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Plumeria are a few options to send a smell-based “Chill out” message to your nervous system.

You may use a few drops of scented oil in a spray bottle with water or a candle with scent you like.

11) “Connect with people” though not physically

A support system of friends and family has proven to help handle stress and lift up your mood. Make some time to call, text or email someone who makes you feel good and have a positive effect on you.

12) Indulge in a “Nap”

A short midday nap can help lower stress and boost your mood.

Find a quiet & dark place to close your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes and you will wake up refreshed and more alert (Note: Nap for longer than 30 min and you may wake up groggy)

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